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Trade & Industry

With the vision of becoming an internationally competitive economy, Fiji, and, in particular, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism is endeavouring to create an enabling environment for trade, investment, business development and inclusive economic growth.

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism is organised into key seven divisions:
Corporate Services Division is responsible for providing administrative and financial support services to management, departments/ divisions, statutory organisations and Trade Commissions. It is also responsible for the effective and efficient management and utilisation of human resources, finances and the Ministry’s assets in a transparent and accountable manner.

Department of Cooperatives Businesses is responsible for formulating and implementing policies and strategies to facilitate the promotion, establishment, and monitoring of co-operative businesses. Since its introduction in 1947, cooperatives have played significant role in graduating the rural population from subsistence to commercial business practices. The division focuses towards providing enabling environment towards attaining the coop sector’s goal to sustain a 5% contribution to GDP by 2020. This entails promoting the development and establishment of rural agro-based production and marketing businesses. It is further responsible for formulating enabling policies and laying down strategies that develop the cooperative sector and ensuring that they operate in compliance with the Cooperative Act.

Economic Analysis Unit is responsible for formulating, implementing, monitoring, and reviewing policy initiatives and projects to enhance private sector development in commerce, industry, small and micro enterprises, investment, and services¸ in competition and consumer protection. The Unit oversees four (4) Statutory Organizations and is also responsible for providing policy advice and administrative support to its stakeholders, both within government and externally.

The Department of National Trade Measurement & Standards promotes and enhances an equitable market place where consumers are protected and businesses are able to operate competitively in an environment of fair trade. The standards developed are either mandatory, voluntary or safety information standards. The Standards unit monitors the local market for banned products or dangerous goods.

Trade Unit formulates and implements policies and initiatives to enhance domestic and international trade and undertake trade and investment promotion. In addition, the Unit advances negotiations to create favourable global market access opportunities for Fijian products and services. The Unit is concurrently tasked with increasing Fiji’s regional and global economic integration to enhance Fiji’s economic growth. The Unit monitors the performance of four (4) Trade Commissions, as well as two (2) Statutory Organizations.

Department of Tourism undertakes research and data collection to formulate and administer tourism policies, plans and initiatives for the sustainable development of tourism and its increased economic contribution. The Department undertakes product and strategy development to encourage investment in the tourism industry. It further monitors the performance of Tourism Fiji to promote Fiji as a top tourist destination.

Trade Commissions promote Fiji and secure trade and investment opportunities overseas. The four Commissions in Los Angeles, Taiwan, Shanghai (Consulate-General), and Papua New Guinea are responsible for undertaking investment and export marketing missions, organise/participate in trade and investment exhibitions, create and strengthen networks with relevant public and private stakeholders. Trade Commissions are also responsible to undertake market research in order to identify potentials for investment and export opportunities available in the host country and relevant regions.
For more information, please refer to the website of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism here.

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