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Investment Fiji is a Statutory Organization that facilitates economic development in Fiji. It operates independently as the marketing arm of the Fiji Government to provide services and assistance that helps promote and stimulate increased investments and exports. The Investment Fiji’s mandate includes but is not limited to the following activities:

• Promoting investment opportunities and facilitating development of industries, ventures and enterprises that create employment opportunities, increase exports and are otherwise beneficial to the economy of Fiji;
• Assisting other persons or bodies in the establishment or expansion of corporate and entrepreneurial activities;
• Undertaking product and market development and research;
• Liaising between private sector, regional and international agencies and national Government;
• Advising on policies that enhance trade and investment in Fiji.

Investment Fiji provides professional advisory services to investors and exporters on the one hand, and to the government for increasing investment and export on the other hand. Investment Fiji aims to stimulate the development of new and existing industries by facilitating their establishment, expansion and diversification.

The agency works for the benefit of the national economy by creating employment opportunities, raising economic activity and bringing in foreign exchange to the country, thereby raising Fiji’s economic growth and prosperity prospects. Through this core function of promoting and facilitating investment and exports, Investment Fiji helps raise Fiji’s standard of living and contributes to the eradication of poverty.
For more information, please refer to the website of Investment Fiji here.

Suva, Fiji