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Foreign Affairs

Fiji’s Foreign Policy is formulated and conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The major objective of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the provision of policy advice to the Fijian Government regarding the formulation and implementation of its foreign policies. This is done through proactive engagements to maintain and expand friendly relations with other countries and through participation in regional and international organisations to which Fiji is a member.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs operates through its headquarters in Suva and diplomatic missions in Beijing, Brussels, Canberra, Kuala Lumpur, London, New Delhi, New York, Port Moresby, Tokyo, Washington, Geneva, Seoul, Abu Dhabi, Jakarta and Wellington and the Fiji Consul General in Sydney and Shanghai.
The Ministry also records and advises on Fiji’s accession and ratification of treaties, conventions and agreements, carries out depository functions for various regional and international agreements, deals with consular matters, including issues relating to the status of refugees, and political as well as diplomatic asylum; carries out protocol functions as accorded under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations [1961], the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations [1963] and Fiji’s Diplomatic Privileges & Immunities Act [1971].

The promotion and establishment of external trade and economic relations through negotiation is an important function of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The latter is significantly supported by the diplomatic missions abroad that assist with the responsibility for trade policy implementation and co-ordination of trade promotion activities such as identification and encouragement of potential foreign investments. The Ministry also liaises with the private sector, Tourism Fiji and the Fiji Islands Trade and Investment Bureau in promoting and expanding Fiji’s trade and economic relations. Currently, Fiji has three Trade Offices in Los Angeles, Taipei and Shanghai.

Multilaterals Bureau is responsible for the United Nations and the Africa/ Americas/ Middle East/ Europe regions. In line with the “Look North Policy,” it promotes bilateral relations, trade, and development aid in those regions. The bureau supports the United Nations Missions based in New York and in Geneva to implement Fiji’s foreign policy at the multilateral and international forum. Peacekeeping is an area of interest to Fiji and the Bureau continues to seek opportunities at the United Nations for its continued engagement in this area.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also plays an important role in areas such as the negotiation and administration of foreign development assistance and climate change. It is the Government’s official channel of communication, particularly with all foreign diplomatic missions and international organisations based in Fiji.
For more information, please refer to website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here.

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