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Showcasing Fiji

Set in the tropical South Pacific, the 330 Fiji islands are a vision of a tropical island paradise. White sandy beaches, swaying coconut trees, pristine oceans and waterways with things to see and do that appeal to all kind of travellers. What makes Fiji truly exceptional is not a list of impressive must-see sights but its generous, passionate and relaxed Fijian people. Be dazzled by genuine smiles and greeted with the famous 'Bula!'

Then, depending on travel priorities, one can revel in 5-star resorts, stroll on glimmering white beaches hand-in-hand at sunset, snorkel, dive, surf or kayak the pristine oceans, white-water raft the clear Fijian waterways, cruise the ocean around the mainland and outer Fiji Islands, trek the rainforests, backpack the outer islands, visit the welcoming villages and experience sustainable living, or immerse in the unique culture and history.

Suva, Fiji