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Visa Application

Nationals not from the visa-exempt countries require a visa prior entering Fiji.

Visa applicants should fill the visa form with the supporting documents and pay the fee (single entry visa: CHF 65; multiple entry visa: CHF 105). Once the visa application form is received, it will be scanned and sent to Fiji for processing of the visa, which is then stamped by the Fiji Mission.

Fiji Mission advises traveller(s) not to purchase tickets in advance of the issuance of the visa. It takes 14 days from the date of the receipt of the application for a grant of visa. Thus it is on the applicant(s) to provide all documents necessary when making the application.

Visa application form and visa application requirements can be accessed here.

Citizens of the countries listed below are not required to obtain visitor’s visa prior their departure to Fiji. Visa will be issued on arrival in Fiji on the condition that the bearer holds:

• A passport that is valid for at least 6 months from intended date of arrival into Fiji;
• A ticket for return or onward travel to another country, which the traveller is authorized to enter;
• Requisite fees (FJD $91.00)
• Completed and signed Arrival Card
• Confirmed address in Fiji
• Proof of sufficient funds

Passport Renewal
Services for Fijians overseas include facilitation of renewal of passports and legalisation/verification of documents by apostille. For more information about consular services and applicable fees, please contact the Mission directly.

Further Consular Support
Fiji Mission in Geneva provides support for Fiji citizens who have been arrested or detained in Switzerland. Fiji nationals are encouraged to inform the Mission and expect consular support, including receiving information about procedures, a list of local attorneys, and notifying family and/or friends upon arrested/detained person’s request.


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