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Oral Update of the High Commissioner


Permanent Mission of Fiji to Geneva



[Fiji Mission to the United Nations in Geneva]

Thank you Mr. President.

Fiji welcomes the appointment of the new High Commissioner, Ms Michelle Bachelet.

We look forward to continuing work with her Office on a number of important fronts including on climate change and human rights, prison reform, the training of judges and magistrates on child sensitive court processes, and on the implementation of Fiji’s commitments made at the Universal Periodic Review.

We also take this opportunity to again emphasize the importance of inclusivity and diverse representation at the Human Rights Council, and of ensuring a strong and principled voice from Small Island Developing States.

In this regard we note the significance of the SIDS/LDC’s Trust Fund administered by the Office of the High Commissioner and look forward to its continuation and growth. It plays a significant role in promoting the Human Rights Council as a representative body, and in translating international human rights into domestic law and policy.

Fiji reiterates its commitment to the vision of this Council and will continue to support its ongoing efforts to improve the lives of all persons through their empowerment with the human rights that they are entitled to under international law and natural law.

We are confident that under the High Commissioner’s leadership, the relentless pursuit for a better world will continue and great things will be achieved.

I thank you Mr President.



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Suva, Fiji