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Intervention UPR Outcome for Tuvalu


Permanent Mission of Fiji to Geneva

Thank you Mr. President.


Fiji congratulates Tuvalu on its Universal Periodic Review and applauds Tuvalu for its constructive approach to the UPR process.

Fiji commends Tuvalu for accepting 78 of the 127 recommendations and further notes its reservation on certain recommendations due to possible conflicts and contradictions with long held cultural and traditional values.

This is a shared concern among many Pacific islands, including Fiji, when faced with principles that differ from our customary and cultural norms.

Such circumstances require deep reflection, wisdom and consultation in determining the values that can be adopted and that could, in fact, usher in greater prosperity as a nation and as a people. In Fiji, as a result of developing jurisprudence and the strong role of both national and judicial leadership, many concepts and practices which were thought to be culturally acceptable, in the several cultures which co-exist in our society, have been abolished or modified as result of the use and acceptance of universal human rights. Corporal punishment in schools and homes is one such example.

This is an exercise that all nations represented in this room, at one point in time or another have had to consider. We all no doubt will continue to have this important discussion both nationally and internationally, if we are all to accept that human rights are inalienable and universal. Indeed as we all know in the Pacific, adapting to the existential threat of climate change, has forced us to modify our very way of life and many of our cultural practices.

We wish you well and again, we congratulate you. I thank you Mr. President.



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Suva, Fiji