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Annual Thematic Discussion on Technical Cooperation




Thank you Mr. President


Fiji reiterates its full support to the High Commissioner and his Office for their important role in providing technical assistance and capacity-building upon the request of States concerned. The mutual trust and respect between the OHCHR and the States receiving technical assistance is vital to reaching an effective, sustainable and peaceful outcome. Technical assistance and capacity-building provided should be agreed upon and respond to the needs of receiving States. It should never be imposed.


Fiji, appreciates the important role and assistance of the UN Voluntary Technical Assistance Trust Fund to Support the Participation of Small Island Developing States in the work of the HRC to develop our national capacities to promote the effective implementation of human rights obligations for contributing to tangible improvements in the situation of human rights. Fiji also appreciates the activities of the OHCHR on the ground, working together with States concerned to promote and protect human rights. On this note Fiji notes with appreciation the joint projects conducted this year on the rights of children who are victims of abuse with Fiji’s judiciary, legal sector and Human rights and Anti-discrimination Commission and the media, and of a cell review project to assess Fiji’s compliance with the Nelson Mandela Rules.


Mr President, Fiji fully agrees that technical assistance should take on a more systemic and long-term approach, with proper follow-up, effective cross-agencies coordination within the United Nations system, and due attention given to the priorities of the State concerned. On this note, Fiji would like to emphasize that when working with concerned States we should endeavour to understand their political history and accept that every State has a complex history and therefore we must listen carefully to them when considering the extension of special mandates.


Finally Mr. President, Fiji calls upon the international community to remain constructively engaged with these concerned States and continue to provide support, technical assistance and build capacity to assist them in the protection, promotion and fulfilment of human rights obligations in their national territories. This is turn allows for resilience, and creates the necessary safeguards that guarantee global stability and prosperity.



Thank you.








Suva, Fiji